PMA Xpress - The Complete Number Plate Printing System

PMA Xpress is our simple to use Number Plate Printing software. With a user friendly on-screen interface it makes number plate production simple. Included in the software is an audit database log for ease of recording customer details, as required by current DVLA legislation, PMA Xpress can reduce your administration.

PMA Xpress allows all options of number plate formats including standard oblong, square, motorcycle, Euro logo plates and many more when used in conjunction with the correct printer and components. Variable heat settings on our thermal printers allow improved control over print quality where seasonal temperature changes are experienced.

Backed up by our extensive stocks of BSAU 145e compliant materials and can be delivered next day. The system also caters for the production of signs which can be used as showroom plates, reception area and car park signs etc. The use of different fonts maximise their impact.